Productıon ın Turkey

Having Cipotex located in Turkey has considerable benefits for our customers

Geographıcal advantages:

| Short delivery times

| Neigbouring largest markets in the world

| One of the biggest cotton producers in the world.

| Suitable for both land, marine and air transportation

| Well developed logistics network

Industrıal advantages:

| Highly skilled workforce

| Efficient and up-to-date machinery

| Flexible production

| Production standards meet international standards

| Product diversity

| Cluster of whole complementary suppliers in Turkey

Market advantages:

| UK-Turkey Free Trade Agreement

| EU Customs Union Membership

| Increasingly competative in international markets

| An interesting conjuncture for foreign and domestic capital

| For the first time Turkey, a near-shore country, has reached the top 5 most promising countries, on par with China and Indonesia at 11% each (McKinsey).