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Founded in 2006 as a design and production company in Istanbul, Cipo Tekstil has adopted empathy and trust as the basic working principles. Based on the customer expectations in the direction of these principles, it started out with a quality, sustainable production in accordance with requirements. Cipo Tekstil, still keeping its feature to be both a design and production company in an improving manner, develops and manufactures products for leading brands of the world in women's, men's and children's wear with its pretty extensive and experienced staff. Our target of complete fulfillment of all expectations has always led us to produce more eligible and diversified products as Cipo Tekstil. The fact that we can synchronously design and produce in such different fields as denim, knitted wear and knitted fabric serves best our purpose of satisfying the expectation, "delivery of the quality product in the possible shortest time" which is the most important requirement. Our company is located at a place which has a convenient transportation facilities and takes 15 minutes from the airport in İstanbul which is one of the most important production cities of the world, and has experienced staff and infrastructure in every unit from product development to export. Cipo Tekstil can respond to the needs of customers from different countries all over the world in the best and fastest manner, and offers design and production in different areas, therefore, Cipo Tekstil has become one of the important companies in the sector.

Our Mission

We, as Cipo Tekstil, are engaged in our each activity taking into consideration the principle of respect for people. Sticking to our abovementioned principle, the core values of our company are as follows; to value the human labor at the highest degree from design to production; to utilize nature friendly and environment friendly components for every product; to design and produce sustainable products for our customers; to satisfy the needs of our customers in the fastest and most efficient manner; to fulfill our social responsibilities; to be the leading company in the sector by creating innovative and original products; to produce products with high added values by investing in human and advanced technologies.

Our Vision

To maintain our view of sustainability in each of our activity; to possess a creative thinking ability at all phases by investing in research and development; to launch new products into the market by utilizing new technologies and processes and to have a leading position in the sector. To make contributions to the training of qualified employees in the Textile and Fashion sector. To convey the accumulated knowledge of each generation to the next generations.

Our Capacity

Research & Development

With the value we attached to the improvement on our each product, we move our company even further and raise the level of our production standards day after day. In this respect, all innovations in the field of fabric and accessories are being followed up by all our competent design and technical teams. We are trying to make our customers to be more distinguishable than their competitors and to increase their distinctiveness. We are acting in an awareness of the fact that each investment in the Research & Development is the essential investment lying behind the sustainable and innovative growth.


The latest trends are closely watched by our extensive and experienced department, in addition to that we continuously develop innovative products in collaboration with the R&D Department in order to create and start new trends. Our talented and solution-oriented design team prepares board presentations with a total of 600 models per year, each 150 models of which are contributed by two main and two intermediate seasons and, with pioneering designs, we are trying to make our customers to be more distinguishable than their competitors.

Customer Relations

We are ensuring the process to proceed until its final phase by establishing a team comprising experienced customer representatives for every customer and making sure the customer requirements to be determined and the other departments to act fast and in cooperation within the scope of such requirements. Acting as a strategic partner, we can manufacture any product designed by the customer itself as well as a new product developed by our design team. We develop real and clear solutions to the customer requirements at all stages of process from planning up to the delivery.

Type of Production

We produce all kinds of t-shirts, sweat shirts, knitted sports clothes, knitted underwear addressing to women, men and children in our company operating in the knitting and denim field. In the meantime, we also produce all kinds of denim trousers, denim jackets, denim dresses and denim shirts. In addition to the types of product mentioned above, we produce knitwear and shirts as well for women, men and children in order to meet the demands delivered by the customers. We produce knitted fabrics too in addition to clothing products. We develop and produce the most innovative fabric types with our potent design teams involved in fabrics and fashion.

Number of Employees

We’ve got a total number of 165 employees as administrative and production staff.

Product Capacity

Our Production Capacity (PCS) / Monthly

  Cipo Tekstil: Sub Manufacturers
T-Shirt: 250.000 450.000
Sweat Shirt: 150.000 200.000
Knitted Sweat Pants: 150.000 200.000
Knitted Sweat Top: 150.000 200.000
Denim: 40.000 50.000
Knitted Pullovers: - 100.000
Knitted Cardigans: - 80.000



Cipo Textile is looking for professionals to share its enthusiasms!

The objective of the human resources policy of Cipo Tekstil which is operating inside the six different countries and growing each passing day, is to allow all individuals to improve their capacities at the uppermost level and to provide all employees with the necessary morale and motivation in the direction of its sustainable growth.

By participating in Cipo Tekstil, you will be regarded as a reputable professional in the international textile field, and gain expertise in our day-to-day growing company and be provided with opportunities to improve your knowledge and skills in a dynamic business environment.

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